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The Grand Piano, “Petrof,” is from a European maker and has a unique, romantic sound which is adored by musicians and is a favorite among piano tuners.
Petrof is a Czech piano maker. The company was founded in 1864 in Hradec Kralove by Antonin Petrof (d.1915) who had studied piano making in Vienna. This company is especially popular due to their high quality upright pianos.
The quality of the tone palette is made for the passionate works of Brahms and Chopin. The Baroque and Classical pieces by Bach, Scarlatti , Mozart, Clementi and other composer’s works sound three-dimensional on this piano.
Some students say that “it can disguise some errors and insecurities almost magically.”
The Petrof Piano was chosen as the best sounding, affordable piano in the famous Shaw “The Shopping Bags” in 2006.
The Rolland KR-7 Electric Piano is able to produce about 2000 sounds, sampled from all kinds of instruments and human voices.
It also has the weighted keys and pedal in order to create a bigger dynamic palette, and resemble the natural acoustic piano action with utmost accuracy. Roland also has recording features!
This instrument is very popular among both child and adult students taking piano lessons.