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Piano Buying Guide

Please visit the local piano store to see their piano Brands.

Note: the piano sales representative is knowledgeable, yet is here to Sell! Always check the local Graig list, there are few great finds there.

Exceptional Quality Better than average Useful though not exceptional
Boston Grotrian Samick Weaver
Steinweg Feurich Winter
Petrof Bauer Musett
Bosendorfer Acrosonic by Baldwin Wurlitzer
Bluthner Pearl River Hobart M
Bechstein Knight of the UK Cable
Yamaha Story & Clark Lester
Erard Broadwood Gulbransen
Falcone Krakauer Cornish
Mason & Hamlin Behr Wissner
Baldwin Brinkerhoff Mehlin & Son
Knabe Ibach Kranich & Bach
Gaveau Chickering Labrousse Hackley
Kurtzmann Broadman Laughead
Sohmer George Steck Sohmer Ackerman
Schimmel Hamilton Collard
Christifori Steinway & Sons Haddorff Price and Teeple
Mehler Ivers and Pond
Henry Miller Hinze
Janssen Weber Hall
Playel Stetson Stieff Cable - Nelson
Brambach Kohler & Campbell
Everett Huntington
Jesse Cable

French Wegman Nelson
J & C Fischer Conover
Betsy Ross