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Piano learning enlightens the spirit.
Life is so dedicated to mundane, everyday things: work, schooling to get better work in hopes to have a bigger paycheck. Often, we all think money will buy us better expensive items, or provide more comfort, which is terrific. Will earned money provide food for the soul or the spark that actually could make us happy? Well, it is art, especially when we choose to fully participate in it. Such an endeavor can be so valuable.
Piano lessons: all the timeless music can transform your world. It encourages you to see life differently. It makes things more sweet & beautiful, real & crisp all at the same time.
At first, every new piece seems too daunting to start. With practice it will get easier, till perfect sounds will appear from your own fingers, just by touching the piano keys. Things don’t look, or have to be complicated any longer. Your spirit is ignited, and now your own playing is an unforgettable inspiration. The moments like this are worth living for.