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Piano Learning from the scratch –Where and How to start?
If you new to the world of learning any of the musical instruments, please do know the most versatile, and one of the toughest instruments to learn is PIANO!
For many years we all heard; learning piano is so great for brain, it pushes our memory and tactical skill towards greater level, no sports, or any other activity could do in order to improve our brain and memory! In fact, these who learn to play piano well don’t make the sad statistic of developing arthritis’s, or dementia in comparison to these who never learn musical instrument, according to the sad statistics.
Many questions come to the mind as to how to find the right teacher, or right program especially for your children, or even for you if you always wanted to learn to play piano, but never truly had the opportunity before.
The best step is to find Piano Teacher, who will include you as the parent into “learning process”. Thus, two important matters would be solved: bonding with your child, and enjoyment of learning.
Many times we all hear: practice makes perfect. The mystery as how to practice right, achieving the good results in short possible times is greatly misunderstood. Again with the help of experience teacher parents and their children should lay certain plan as how to do piano practice in the most positive way daily, or often throughout the week.
Beware: learning an instrument requires commitment! Like any school course, or subject when starting at beginner stage advances into intermediate to more complex learning, so the Piano learning, similar applies to any form of Art! One cannot learn o play piano well in very short couple of months.
It takes patience and perseverance from all three: Student, Teacher and Parent. The end result is the gift for the LIFE TIME!